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   The final target of the project is getting better environmental protection through more efficient and rational management of the water resource in agricultural and more effective prevention and response capacity against natural risks.

   The project will generate a vigilance and recommendations system in vast areas. Specifically, collection, information analyze and decision-making services will be developed, and they will allow more efficient management of the resource and the optimization the response capacity in advance of the natural risk, as the drought. These services are based on Geographical Information System (GIS) and the Remote Sensing, adapted to the management of drought and the reduction of climate change impacts. It will allow all the users and managers of the water to have information and decision-making utilities disposal. Besides, it supposes a opportunity for a regional development based on the new services creation for the watering community and companies, optimizing the productions and the resource uses, besides contributing to develop the information society. Finally, the availability of information about all the SUDOE area creates an important opportunity for the results transmission and its application in all the SUDOE area. The project will work with the standards set up by the Spatial Data Infrastructure European Directive (INSPIRE), which haven’t been put into practice by any initiative in the SUDOE space yet. It supposes an important innovation and an element of the land cohesion, because it will allow SUDOE area to work with the same data sketch, which will generate important benefits for working together in the future.



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