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   To get the aims of the project, a net of transnational cooperation will be created to develop assessment services based on remote sensing and geographic information systems. They will allow knowledge transfer and technical innovation in water resources management issues and the fight against drought. The main beneficiaries of the system are, in one side, the watering communities, which would improve the efficiency and the productivity of the available water keeping with environmental guidelines, including the water management in loss irrigation conditions; in the other side, the authorities in natural risks management, which relay on an information system for droughts prevention and improving the climate change adaptation.

   The work will be articulated around different groups of tasks:

  • GT.1 Coordination and management of the project.

  • GT.2 Development of the automatic processing of the remote sensing data.

  • GT.3 Vegetation monitoring system.

  • GT.4 Show demonstrative plots network.

  • GT.5 Extensive areas irrigation assessment system.

  • GT.6 Monitoring and evaluation of the project.

  • GT.7 Publicity, information and capitalization of the project.

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